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Table 4 Predictive power measured by the AUC of each dimension scores of the questionnaire in the SHIP Oral and SHIP Premix studies for patients' attitude and actual choice and behavioural intentions regarding insulin therapy

From: Studying the Hurdles of Insulin Prescription (SHIP©): development, scoring and initial validation of a new self-administered questionnaire

  SHIP Oral study/SHIP Premix study
Dimensions Clinician actual treatment decision regarding insulin initiation/Intensification Patients' intention regarding
     insulin injection initiation/intensification inhaled insulin initiation/intensification
  Inclusion 6 months 12 months Inclusion Inclusion
'Acceptance and motivation' 0.80/0.65 0.65/0.64 0.59/0.64 0.86/0.86 0.65/0.72
'Constraints and fears' 0.72/0.62 0.58/0.61 0.56/0.60 0.75/0.78 0.60/0.68
'Restraints and barriers' 0.62/0.58 0.59/0.60 0.58/0.61 0.72/0.65 0.57/0.63