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Table 1 Health domains relevant to quality-of-life for child maltreatment.

From: Measuring health-related quality of life for child maltreatment: a systematic literature review

Category Domains Specific descriptions
Growth and development Developmental progress/opportunity for normal development Gross motor delays Fine motor delays Speech and language delays Learning disabilities
  Communication and social interaction through play Communication Learning Social skills
Functioning Feeding Feeding issues Malnutrition
  Toilet constancy Continence
  Attending school Ability to function in school Truancy
  Interacting with peers  
Physical Health Routine medical care Immunization delay Lack of well child care Dental caries
  Physical Function Permanent or semipermanent Limb deformity, contractures Brain injury (seizure disorders, visual impairment)
Emotional Well-being/Mental Health Anxiety Post-traumatic stress disorder
  Risky behavior Promiscuity, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, juvenile delinquency (incarceration), suicide, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse
  Other psychiatric disorders Obesity, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorders, GI disorders
Placement and family stability Function within a family Attachment disorders
  Impact on parents/caregivers  
  Foster care, adoption