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Table 3 Impact of potential predictors on EQ-VAS scores. Results expressed as absolute changes in mean scores derived from multivariate model.

From: Health related quality of life six months following surgical treatment for secondary peritonitis – using the EQ-5D questionnaire

  Euroqol Visual Analogue Scale (n = 127‡)
  Mean difference in EQ-VAS score† P-value
Gender (Male vs. females) 4.0 0.193
Age (per 10 years increase) -2.9 0.348
Patients without major comorbidity at study entry 3.9 0.192
Every doubling of the length of hospital stay -3.8 0.015*
Patients without severe morbidity during six month follow-up 6.4 0.077
Patients with no enterostomy at six months 4.9 0.125
  1. * Significant p < 0.05, bold
  2. ‡ Three patients were dropped due to missing VAS scores
  3. † Lower EQ-VAS scores indicate poorer health status