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Table 4 Correlation coefficients between QLACS scores and other measures

From: Evaluation of the Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors (QLACS) scale for long-term cancer survivors in a sample of breast cancer survivors

QLACS scale Measure Correlation
   Physical Pain SF36 – Bodily pain -0.82
   Negative Feelings SF-36 mental health -0.78
   Positive Feelings SF-36 mental health -0.81
   Cognitive Problems N/A -
   Sexual Problems N/A -
   Social Avoidance SF-36 Social functioning -0.71
   Fatigue SF-36 Vitality -0.88
QLACS generic summary score (GSS) SF-36 PCS -0.70
  SF-36 MCS -0.69
  FACTG -0.81
  VAS -0.72
  Symptoms 0.58
  Self-Assessed Health 0.67
QLACS cancer specific summary score (CSS) SF-36 PCS -0.32
  SF-36 MCS -0.39
  FACT Breast Cancer Specific Subscale -0.62
  VAS -0.32
  Symptoms 0.46
  Self-assessed health 0.38
  1. *The N for correlations is from 88 to 94.