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Table 4 Logistic regressions predicting participants reporting health as Very Good/Good/Excellent (VG/E)

From: The validity of self-rated health as a measure of health status among young military personnel: evidence from a cross-sectional survey

Variable Odds Ratio p value
Smoking Status   
   Non Smokers 1.00  
   Ex Smokers 0.42 <.001
   Current Smokers 0.69 <.001
Predicted Smoking Status After BMT   
   Do not believe they will smoke 1.00  
   Unsure if they will smoke 0.77 <.001
   Will smoke 0.82 <.001
Binge Drinking   
   No binge drinking episodes in last 30 days 1.00  
   One or more binge drinking episodes in last 30 days 0.75 <.001
Drunk Driving   
   No driving while drinking in past 30 days 1.00  
   One or more drinking and driving episodes in past 30 days 0.76 <.001
Weight Status   
   Normal weight 1.00  
   Underweight 0.79 <.001
   Overweight 0.65 <.001
Depressed Mood   
   No episodes of depressed mood 1.00  
   Episodes of depressed mood 0.39 <.001
Health Risks   
   Reported not taking health risks 1.00  
   Reported taking health risks 0.82 <.001