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Table 1 Summary of contents and Cronbach's alpha of the CHQ-PF28 health scales [28]

From: Health-related quality of life in food hypersensitive schoolchildren and their families: parents' perceptions

Scales Abbr. Summary of content No. of items Cronbach's alpha 1
Physical Functioning PF Child's limitations in performing physical activities, including self-care, due to health. 3 0.85
Role/social limitations-Emotional-Behavioural REB Child's limitations in school work or activities with friends as a result of emotional and/or behavioural problems. 1  
Role/social limitations-Physical RP Child's limitations in schoolwork or activities with friends as a result of physical health. 1  
Bodily Pain BP Child's degree and frequency of bodily pain. 1  
General Behaviour BE Child's frequency of behavioural problems, e.g. exhibits aggressive, immature, delinquent behaviour. 4 0.74
Mental Health MH Child's frequency of positive and negative feelings, e.g. anxiety, depression, happiness and peacefulness. 3 0.68
Self Esteem SE Child's satisfaction with abilities, looks, family/peer relationships and life overall. 3 0.78
General Health GH Child's past, future and current health. 4 0.65
Parental impact-Emotional PE Parent's experience of emotional worry/concern as a result of child's physical and/or psychosocial health. 2 0.65
Parental impact-Time PT Parent's experience of limitations in time available for personal needs due to child's physical and/or psychosocial health. 2 0.75
Family Activities FA Family's frequency of disruption in family activities due to child's health. 2 0.74
Family-Cohesion FC Family's ability to get along. 1  
Change in Health2 CH Child's health as compared to a year ago. 1  
Physical Summary measure PhS Summary measure for the physical dimension of the CHQ.   0.80
Psychosocial Summary measure PsS Summary measure for the psychosocial dimension of the CHQ.   0.84
  1. 1Cronbach's alpha show the internal consistency in the present study.
  2. 2The CH scale was not used in this study.