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Table 1 Questions in the CPQ11–14 – ISF :16 and the CPQ11–14 – RSF:16

From: Short forms of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire for 11–14-year-old children (CPQ11–14): Development and initial evaluation

In the past 3 months, how often have you ... (had/been) ... because of your teeth/mouth?
Domain ISF specific questions Common questions RSF specific questions
OS a   Pain in teeth/mouth
Bad breath
Mouth sores
Food caught between teeth
FL b Difficulty eating/drinking hot/cold foods Difficulty chewing firm foods
Difficulty saying words
Taken longer to eat a meal
Trouble sleeping
EW c   Upset
Felt irritable/frustrated
Felt shy
Concerned what people think about your teeth/mouth
SW d Asked questions Teased/called names
Avoided smiling/laughing
Argued with children/family
Not wanted to speak/read loud in class
  1. a Oral Symptoms, b Functional Limitations, c Emotional well-being, d Social well-being