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Table 4 Deleted items by domain and reason for deletion

From: Assessment of health-related quality of life in arthritis: conceptualization and development of five item banks using item response theory

Item Number Item content Lack of fit DIF for sex DIF for age
Daily Activities
27 Need for help with grooming   X  
40 Difficulty traveling around the town or city    X
41 Difficulty traveling between cities    X
42 Difficulty traveling overseas    X
3 Limitations in walking or climbing stairs X   
4 Usual ability to walk X   
23 Difficulty moving toes X   
28 Difficulty lifting one foot off the ground   X  
30 Difficulty getting in and out of bed    X
35 Difficulty standing on toes X   
38 Description of ability to walk X   
Handling Objects
5 Difficulty scratching the lower back X   
22 Difficulty putting on shoes, socks, or stockings X   
24 Difficulty cutting fingernails X   
29 Difficulty cutting toenails    X
34 Difficulty making bed X   
37 Difficulty putting a hand in a pocket   X  
38 Difficulty wiping mouth with a napkin   X  
40 Difficulty picking up clothing from the floor X   
49 Difficulty lifting and moving light furniture X   
Pain or Discomfort
8 Time free from any physical complaints X   
19 Feeling perfectly healthy X   
26 Having minor pains and aches    X
8 Feeling tense or "high strung" X   
15 Losing temper X   
19 Feeling calm and peaceful    X
29 Worrying about the future    X
31 Having crying spells   X  
41 Planning to commit suicide*    
44 Feeling totally relaxed and free of tension X   
45 Feeling carefree    X
  1. *Deleted due to insufficient cell sizes
  2. DIF = Differential item functioning