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Table 4 Appendix A PedsQL™ 4.0 Generic Core Scales Child Self-Report Item Content

From: The PedsQL™ as a patient-reported outcome in children and adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: a population-based study

Physical Functioning Scale
1. It is hard for me to walk more than one block
2. It is hard for me to run
3. It is hard for me to do sports activity or exercise
4. It is hard for me to lift something heavy
5. It is hard for me to take a bath or shower by myself
6. It is hard for me to do chores around the house
7. I hurt or ache
8. I have low energy
Emotional Functioning Scale
1. I feel afraid or scared
2. I feel sad or blue
3. I feel angry
4. I have trouble sleeping
5. I worry about what will happen to me
Social Functioning Scale
1. I have trouble getting along with other kids
2. Other kids do not want to be my friend
3. Other kids tease me
4. I cannot do things that other kids my age can do
5. It is hard to keep up when I play with other kids
School Functioning Scale
1. It is hard to pay attention in class
2. I forget things
3. I have trouble keeping up with my schoolwork
4. I miss school because of not feeling well
5. I miss school to go to the doctor or hospital
  1. Reproduced with permission from J.W. Varni, Ph.D. Copyright © 1998.
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