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Table 2 Definitions of domains in conceptual framework for describing HRQL in Patients with IPF

From: Patients' perspectives on how idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis affects the quality of their lives

Domain Definition
1. Symptoms Amount, severity, and impact of cough and breathlessness; impact of symptoms on physical functioning
2. IPF Therapy Feelings toward medications and impact of medications on physical and mental health; supplemental oxygen use and impact on quality of life
3. Sleep Quality and quantity of sleep; impact of sleep disturbance
4. Exhaustion Lack of energy; feeling exhausted; impact of energy/exhaustion on quality of life
5. Forethought Need to plan and prepare for activities before undertaking them; others' appreciation for the amount of planning and preparation required; impact of need for forethought on quality of life
6. Employment and Finances Effects on employment status and financial security
7. Dependence Need to rely/depend on other people; need to ask for help; fear of being a burden
8 Family Impact of disease on family and relationships with family members
9. Sexual Relations Limitations on sexual activity and sexuality; impact of impaired sexual relations on quality of life
10. Social Participation and Leisure Activities Impact on functioning in relationships, social interactions; social isolation; attention to use of time
11. Mental and Spiritual Well-being Psychological effects including fear, worry, anxiety; problems concentrating/focusing; effects on spirituality/spiritual self
12. Mortality Feelings about death and dying; thoughts on mortality; impact on quality of life