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Table 2 Example of coding

From: In spite of good intentions: patients' perspectives on problematic social support interactions

In vivo quotations Categories Sub-categories Themes
"I don't like it when there are too many phone calls" Specific behaviors
Telephone contact
Telephone ringing
Bothersome behaviors
Too much contact
Excessive telephone contact
"I know she worries because she cares but she worries too much" Worries
Conflicts between worrying and caring
Too much concern
Too emotional
High expression of emotions
"I know you want to say something but don't give unsolicited advice" Constant advice
Others always Speaking
Unwanted help
Conflict between wanting information and needing advice
Unsolicited advice
"Thanks, for the advice but I know I need to adjust my diet but give me the means with which to do it" Advice
Health behavior advice
Conflict between wanting information and needing advice
Information without means for implementation
"They treat me like an invalid. I'm an independent person, respect that" Control
Personal treatment
Sense of person
Lack of control
Too much control
Lost control
Taking over