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Table 1 Experimental design. Sampling plan. Category description

From: Prevalence and burden of self-reported blindness and low vision for individuals living in institutions: a nationwide survey

  Institution (Sampling frame) Individuals (Sampling elements)
  Population Sampling rate Population Sampling rate
Children institution 1,206 34.2% 48,398 6.8%
Adult institution 2,405 18.7% 82,852 4.3%
Psychiatric institution 394 79.2% 70,932 3.5%
Elderly care home 7,414 12.0% 490,963 1.4%
  1. Children institution included intellectual, motor and sensorial handicap. Adult institution included individuals able to work outside, inside the institution, need for medical assistance and other type of institution. Psychiatric institution included mental disease specialized, psychiatric, and other type of hospital. Elderly institution included various types of institution, private, public, charity, short and long term, with no, mild and high medical activities.