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Table 7 Correlations between AQEL items and corresponding PQLI items (n = 28).

From: The "Palliative Care Quality of Life Instrument (PQLI)" in terminal cancer patients

PQLI AQEL Correlation
Keep working Bodily strength 0.87
House chores   
Enjoyment Make you happy 0.79
Driving or transportation -  
Self care Help needed with hygiene/dressing 0.72
Pain Pain 0.93
Nausea/vomiting Nausea 0.93
Lack of appetite -  
Weak/tired Hours recumbent during day 0.81
Dyspnoea -  
Stool disturbances Troubled bowel 0.93
Sleep disturbances Insomnia 0.94
Like to choose therapeutic schema -  
Able to choose therapeutic schema -  
Satisfactory support of relatives/friends Sharing worries with any member of family 0.55
  Regarded as usual by friends 0.75
Satisfactory support of health care team Ability to reach stuff 0.74
  Receive appropriate care 0.58
Satisfactory support of nursing stuff Ability to reach stuff 0.44
  Receive appropriate care 0.49
Discussion with the doctor on my social relationships -  
Discussion with the doctor on economic/professional problems -  
Discussion with the doctor on my family problems -  
Calm Anxiety 0.85
Optimistic Meaningfulness 0.81
Blue Depression 0.88
Control of the situation -  
Fears of death -  
Overall QoL Global quality of life 0.79