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Table 3 Frequency of oral conditions perceived as causing overall oral impacts

From: The prevalence and severity of oral impacts on daily performances in Thai primary school children

Oral conditions causing overall impacts Frequency (%)
Toothache (t-ache) 25.1
Sensitive tooth (t-sensitive) 27.9
Tooth decay, hole in tooth 5.0
Fractured permanent tooth 4.6
Colour of teeth (colour) 16.2
Shape or size of teeth 2.7
Position of teeth (position) 20.0
Bleeding gum (bleed) 7.4
Swollen or inflamed gum (swollen) 13.8
Calculus 0.9
Bad breath 7.2
Oral ulcer (ulcer) 25.8
Exfoliating primary tooth (exfoliat) 23.4
Tooth space (due to unerupted permanent tooth) (space) 5.3
Erupting permanent tooth 4.9
Deformity of mouth or face 0.4
Missing permanent tooth 0.7