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Table 1 PedsQL™ Family Impact Module – general content of scales

From: The PedsQL™ Family Impact Module: Preliminary reliability and validity

Parent Functioning # Items General Content
Physical Functioning 6 Problems with physical functioning, including feeling tired, getting headaches, feeling weak, and stomach problems
Emotional Functioning 5 Problems with emotional functioning, including anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration, and feeling helpless or hopeless
Social Functioning 4 Problems with social functioning, including feeling isolated, difficulty getting support from others, and finding time or energy for social activities
Cognitive Functioning 5 Problems with cognitive functioning, including difficulty maintaining attention, remembering things, and thinking quickly
Communication 3 Problems with communication, including others not understanding the family's situation, difficulty talking about child's health condition, and communicating with health professionals
Worry 5 Problems with worrying, including worrying about child's treatments and side effects, about others' reactions to child's condition, about the effect of the illness on the rest of the family, and about child's future
Family Functioning # Items General Content
Daily Activities 3 Problems with daily activities, including activities taking more time and effort, difficulty finding time and energy to finish household tasks
Family Relationships 5 Problems with family relationships, including communication, stress, and conflicts between family members, and difficulty making decisions and solving problems as a family
  1. Total Score is computed by averaging all 36 items. Parent HRQOL Summary Score is computed by averaging 20 items in Physical, Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Functioning. Family Summary Score is computed by averaging 8 items in Daily Activities and Family Relationships.