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Table 1 Evaluation criteria

From: Multimorbidity and quality of life in primary care: a systematic review

Evaluation criteria for the studies identified in the literature search: 0, 1, or 2 points per criterion or subcriterion (maximum score = 20)
Criterion1: Originality
   Original study (cross-sectional or longitudinal) with a clear objective
Criterion 2: Population studied
   2a) Primary care or general population
   2b) Well-defined control group or good variability of the independent variable in a regression model
   2c) Characteristics of the groups are described, including those of nonrespondents, and do not lead to bias
Criterion 3: Definition
   Clear definition of multimorbidity and valid measure
Criterion 4: Outcome
   4a) Quality of life was the primary outcome measure
   4b) Quality of life was evaluated with a validated scale
   4c) Evaluation of quality of life was independent of the multimorbidity/comorbidity score (i.e., blind evaluation)
   4d) Effects of the main confounding factors (e.g., age, gender) are presented and discussed
Criterion 5: Limitations
   Authors comprehensively discussed the limitations of their study