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Table 4 Number of main chronic conditions as predictors of a decline in physical well being over four years

From: Predicting declines in physical function in persons with multiple chronic medical conditions: What we can learn from the medical problem list

Number of main chronic conditions N Adjusted odds of a decine in PCSab (N = 1574)
Hypertension alone 281 1.0
One main chronic diseasec 607 1.1 (0.8, 1.4)
Two main chronic diseasesc 423 1.2 (0.8, 1.7)
Three main chronic diseasesc 197 1.4 (0.9, 2.2)
Four or more chronic diseasesc 66 2.8 (1.3, 5.9)
  1. a) Adjusted for age, number of additional comorbid conditions, poverty level, gender, race, educational level, employment status, marital status.
  2. b) Number of main chronic diseases as a predictor of a decrease in PCS is statistically significant at p < = .05
  3. c) Subjects with one, two, three or four or more of the following: DM, CAD, CHF, musculoskeletal disease, respiratory disease, or depression. May also include hypertension.