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Table 2 Items [with the highest factor weightings =>0.40] as allocated to each domain in the original English version of the MacNew [] and the Dutch [D], Farsi [F], German [G], and Spanish [S] versions of the MacNew

From: The MacNew Heart Disease health-related quality of life instrument: A summary

Item Emotional Physical Social
1. Frustrated D, G, S     F
2. Worthless D, G     F, S
3. Confident D, G, S   F   
4. Down in the dumps D, G, S     F
5. Relaxed D, F, G, S     
6. Worn Out S   D, G   F
7. Happy with Personal Life D, F, G, S     
8. Restless D, F, G, S     
9. Short of Breath    D, F, G, S   
10. Tearful D, G     F, S
11. More Dependent      D, F, S
12. Social Activities      D, F, G, S
13. Others/less Confidence in you   G    D, F, S
14. Chest Pain    D, G, S   F
15. Lack Self-Confidence D, G     F, S
16. Aching Legs    D, F, G, S   
17. Sports/Exercise Limited     D, S F, G
18. Frightened D, G   F   S
19. Dizzy/Lightheaded   S D, G   
20. Restricted or Limited    D, S   F, G
21. Unsure about Exercise     D, S F, G
22. Overprotective Family      D, G, S
23. Burden on Others      D, F, G, S
24. Excluded     S F, G
25. Unable to Socialize      F, G, S
26. Physically Restricted     S F, G