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Table 3 ENRICHD Social Support Instrument

From: Testing the performance of the ENRICHD Social Support Instrument in cardiac patients

Item 1 Is there someone avaliable to whom you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk?
  None of
the time
A little of
the time
Some of
the time
Most of
the time
All of
the time
Item 2 Is there someone avaliable to you to give you good advice about a problem?
Item 3 Is there someone avaliable to you who shows you love and affection?
Item 4 Is there someone avaliable to help with daily chores?
Item 5 Can you count on anyone to provide you with emotional support (talking over problems or helping you make a difficult decision)?
Item 6 Do you have as much contact as you would like with someone you feel close to, someone in whom you can trust and confide in?
Item 7 Are you currently married or living with a partner?