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Table 1 Tinnitus-related assessments

From: Which tinnitus-related aspects are relevant for quality of life and depression: results from a large international multicentre sample

Measure Content Time frame item example
Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) 25 items Time frame not specified
  3 response options  
  yes (4 points) sometimes (2 points) no (0 points) “Because of your tinnitus do you feel frustrated?”
  Summary score 0 to 100  
  A higher score denotes higher tinnitus-related handicap  
THI functional subscale Score 0 to 44, reflects role limitations in the areas of mental, social, occupational and physical functioning “Because of your tinnitus do you often feel tired?”
THI emotional subscale Score 0 to 36, representing a broad range of affective responses to tinnitus “Does your tinnitus make you angry?”
THI catastrophic subscale Score 0 to 20, reflects patients’ desperation, inability to escape from tinnitus, perception of having a terrible disease, lack of control and inability to cope “Because of your tinnitus do you feel desperate?”
Tinnitus severity One question about tinnitus severity Present
  no problem (1 point) a small problem (2 points) a moderate problem “How much of a problem is your tinnitus at present”
  (3 points)  
  a big problem (4 points) a very big problem (5 points)