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Table 4 Criterion validity of the QOL-RTI/H&N ( n= 238)

From: Translation and validation of the Chinese version of the quality of life radiation therapy instrument and the head & neck module (QOL-RTI/H&N)

QOL-RTI/H&N QLQ-C30, QLQ-H&N35 Correlation coefficient
Function PF of QLQ-C30 0.34*
Emotion EF of QLQ-C30 0.32*
Family SF of QLQ-C30 0.28*
General QL of QLQ-C30 0.45*
Pain Pain of QLQ-H&N35 -0.56*
Swallow Swallow of QLQ-H&N35 -0.32*
Speech Speech of QLQ-H&N35 -0.35*
Cough Cough of QLQ-H&N35 -0.53*
  1. PF: Physical functioning; EF: Emotional functioning; SF: Social functioning; QL: Global health. *meant P < 0.05. The Saliva, appearance, and taste domains did not have criterion validity.