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Table 1 Overview of measures in patient questionnaire (English versions)

From: Social support systems as determinants of self-management and quality of life of people with diabetes across Europe: study protocol for an observational study

Measure Concept Number of items Link
Outcome measures
SF-12v2 4-week recall Functional health status 12
European social survey Well-being 2
Rapid assessment of physical activity Physical activity 9
The summary of diabetes self-care activities Selfcare behaviour and life style 12
Morisky medication adherence scale Medication adherence 4
HEIQ V3.0; self monitoring and insight Selfcare cognitions 6
HEIQ V3.0; skill and technique acquisition Selfcare cognitions 4
Inter-mediate measures
Diabetes Health Care Utilization questionnaire Received medical and social care 5
Age, sex, family situation, education, employment status, sick leave, ethnicity, housing, global household income and comorbidities Demographic data 14  
Independent measures
Involvement in regional or national support organisations   2  
Name generator using probes Network members delivering support 3  
Pre-defined broad domains: information, treatment, day to day tasks, emotional support Types of delivered support by network members 3  
Gender, age, and type of connection Network members characteristics 6  
Relations between network members Ego-network 1