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Table 5 Deletion of CBQ-HF items based on caregiver feedback in second set of cognitive interviews

From: The Caregiver Burden Questionnaire for Heart Failure (CBQ-HF): face and content validity

Items deleted following set 2 cognitive debriefing interviews based on feedback from all 18 caregivers
Item Number of caregivers who did not find the item relevant (or other rationale for deletion) Example quote to support deletion
How much has caregiving caused you health problems? 8/18 (plus caregivers found it difficult to attribute health problems specifically to caregiving) Not at all. I haven’t had any problems related - not that I know of” (04–08)
How much have you felt overly relied upon by the person you care for? 6/18 (plus conceptual equivalence to the item ‘have you felt the person you care for asks for too much’ considered easier to understand) I would say we’ve been through this before. You know the rules” (03–08)
How much has caregiving made you feel resentful? 12/18 (plus 3/18 caregivers found it difficult to understand) “Not at all. I don’t resent that, because my grandfather took care of me as a kid” (04–03)
How much has caregiving made you feel depressed? 7/18 (plus 4/9 caregivers from set 1 considered ‘depression’ too severe or clinical a term; 15/18 caregivers found the item ‘how much has caregiving made you feel sad’ more relevant “I don’t think both of those are necessary because it’s kind of the same. I prefer sad just because depressed just sounds…a little harsher, I guess” (04–04)
How much has caregiving made you feel helpless? 11/18 (plus 12/18 caregivers considered the item ‘has caregiving made you feel overwhelmed’ more relevant) But I can do it, help her with things, so [it isn’t relevant]” (03–08)
How much have you been unable to do the things you want to do? 7/18 (plus 15/18 caregivers considered the item ‘have you felt like you have no time for yourself’ more relevant) “There’s nothing I really want to do right now.” (03–04)
How much has caregiving limited your travelling? 8/18 (plus conceptual equivalence with the items ‘has caregiving caused you to change/avoid making plans’ and ‘have you felt you cannot be away from the person you care for’ considered more relevant.) “Because I drive, I do what I want to do - as far as traveling.” (03–05)