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Table 2 Linking rules as described by Cieza et al. [34]

From: Comparing children’s self-report instruments for health-related quality of life using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth (ICF-CY)

Rule nr Description Examples
1 Acquiring knowledge of ICF-CY (chapters, domains and categories)  
2 Linking each meaningful concept to the most precise category b28010 (Pain in head and neck)
3 Do not use the so-called “other specified” ICF categories, additional information shall be documented  
4 Do not use the “unspecified” ICF categories, use lower level of category e4 (Attitudes)
5 designation not definable (nd), should be used when meaningful concept is not sufficient If the concept refers to health, the designation should be nd- gh (not definable general health). If the concept refers to quality of life, the designation should be nd-qol (not definable quality of life)
6 If a meaningful concept is clearly a personal factor defined by ICF-CY, this can be documented with pf pf (personal factor) gender, age
7 If there is no evidence of a meaningful concept and no personal factors are identified, then an assignment of nc nc (not covered)
8 If a meaningful concept refers to health conditions or diagnosis it should be assigned hc hc (Health condition) diabetes, asthma