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Table 3 The domains identified by MS subjects compared with items in generic utility measures

From: Do generic utility measures capture what is important to the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis?

Measure HUI2 HUI3 EQ-5D SF-6D
Construct Health status & HRQL [35], [36] Health status & HRQL [36], [37] HRQL [38] Health status [39]
MS Domains     
School/Work N N Y Y
Fatigue N N N Y
Sports Y N N Y
Social life N N N Y
Relationships N N N N
Cognition Y Y N N
Walking Y Y Y N
Housework N N Y Y
Balance N N N N
Mood* Y Y Y Y
Total Yes (out of 10) 4 3 4 6
Not MS Domains     
Pain Y Y Y Y
Self-care Y N Y Y
Vision Y Y N N
Hearing Y Y N N
Manual dexterity N Y N N
Speech Y Y N N
Fertility Y N N N
  1. MS Domains ordered from the largest to the smallest proportion of people with MS who identified that domain.
  2. Y, Yes; N, No; HUI2, Health Utilities Index Mark 2; HUI3, Health Utilities Index Mark 3; SF-6D, EQ-5D, EuroQol-5D; Short-Form 6D.
  3. *In the HUI3 this was happiness.