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Table 4 Final items for remembered and experienced well-being

From: Construction and validation of a measure of integrative well-being in seven languages: The Pemberton Happiness Index

Domains and subdomains Item content
Remembered well-being  
General well-being I am very satisfied with my life
  I have the energy to accomplish my daily tasks
Eudaimonic well-being  
  Life meaning I think my life is useful and worthwhile
  Self-acceptance I am satisfied with myself
  Personal growth My life is full of learning experiences and challenges that make me grow
  Relatedness I feel very connected to the people around me
  Perceived control I feel able to solve the majority of my daily problems
  Autonomy I think that I can be myself on the important things
Hedonic well-being  
  Positive affect I enjoy a lot of little things every day
  Negative affect I have a lot of bad moments in my daily life
Social well-being I think that I live in a society that lets me fully realize my potential
Experienced well-being  
 Positive experiences Something I did made me proud
  I did something fun with someone
  I did something I really enjoy doing
  I learned something interesting
  I gave myself a treat
 Negative experiences At times, I felt overwhelmed
  I was bored for a lot of the time
  I was worried about personal matters
  Things happened that made me really angry
  I felt disrespected by someone