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Table 2 Mean correlations across countries for remembered well-being items (excluding experienced well-being) in the Pemberton Happiness Index (see Appendix )

From: Construction and validation of a measure of integrative well-being in seven languages: The Pemberton Happiness Index

Domains and subdomains Reference scales Mean correlation
General well-being SWLS; SHS; SWDL .69 (Item r1)
   .48 (Item r2)
Eudaimonic well-being   
 Life meaning SPWB: Purpose in life .60 (Item r3)
 Self-acceptance SPWB: Self-acceptance .67 (Item r4)
 Personal growth SPWB: Personal growth .50 (Item r5)
 Relatedness SPWB: Positive relationships .48 (Item r6)
 Competence SPWB: Environmental control .57 (Item r7)
 Autonomy SPWB: Autonomy .41 (Item r8)
Hedonic well-being   
 Positive affect PANAS: Positive affect .50 (Item r9)
 Negative affect PANAS: Negative affect .47 (Item r10)
Social well-being SWDL: Satisfaction With Country; SWLS; SHS .42 (Item r11)
  1. Note. Items are ordered in the table as they appear in the final scale (see Appendix). SWLS = Satisfaction With Life Scale; SHS = Subjective Happiness Scale; SWDL = Satisfaction With Domains of Life; SPWB = Ryff’s Scales of Psychological Well-Being; PANAS = Positive and Negative Affect Schedule.