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Table 2 Correlation coefficients between the HRQOL health-utility measures (EQ-5D and QWB-SA) and the clinical anchors (CGI-I, CGI-S, PSS-I, and treatment response status)

From: Minimal clinically important differences for the EQ-5D and QWB-SA in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): results from a Doubly Randomized Preference Trial (DRPT)

HRQOL health-utility instrument CGI-I CGI-S PSS-I Treatment response status
EQ-5D -0.35* 0.37* 0.44* 0.38*
QWB-SA -0.41* 0.39* 0.43* 0.38*
  1. HRQOL, Health-Related Quality of Life; CGI-I, Clinical Global Impression-Improvement; CGI-S, Clinical Global Impression-Severity; PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; PSS-I, PTSD Symptom Scale-Interview; EQ-5D, EuroQol Group-5 Dimensions; QWB-SA, Quality of Well-Being-Self Administration.
  2. * Statistical Significance at α < 0.001.