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Table 1 Overview of yoga poses

From: A pilot study of yoga as self-care for arthritis in minority communities

  Description Yoga poses
Laying foundation:   
Classes 1-2 Warm-up: Upper body stretches, staff with leg lifts
Sun Salutations (one side): Forward fold, mountain (two sides for class 2)
Standing poses: Tree, warrior II
Sitting poses: Head to knee, spinal twist, yogic seal
Relaxation: Sivasana, tense and release, progressive body scan
Closing: Side lying, cross-legged
Class 3 Discussion of balance poses Tree, king dancer
Classes 4-5 Arm balancing and reclining poses Inverted plank, (lying) extended leg pose, (lying) spinal twist
Classes 6-7 Arm/leg extensions and hip openers Table and cat/cow-extend arm & opposite leg, downward facing dog-extending one leg, bridge with leg extension, butterfly
Classes 8-9 Intro to gentle back bends Sphinx, locust, bow, camel
Classes 9-10 Stamina building Four sun salutations
Class 11   Poses for sciatica
Class 12   Pose modifications using the wall
Class 13   Restorative poses
Classes 14-16   Review, practice, wrap up