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Table 5 Divergent validity (Correlation of SCI-R with DTSQ & W-BQ28)

From: Psychometric validation of the Self-Care Inventory-Revised (SCI-R) in UK adults with type 2 diabetes using data from the AT.LANTUS Follow-on study

  SCI-R total
DTSQ: Total Score      .285**
DTSQ: Perceived frequency of hyperglycaemia      -.055
DTSQ: Perceived frequency of hypoglycaemia      .089
W-BQ28: Generic Negative Well-Being      -.139**
W-BQ28: Generic Positive Well-Being      .188**
W-BQ28: Generic Stress      -.179**
W-BQ28: Energy      .020
W-BQ28: Diabetes-Specific Negative Well-Being      -.114
W-BQ28: Diabetes-Specific Positive Well-Being      .206**
W-BQ28: Diabetes-Specific Stress      -.173**
W-BQ28: W-BQ12 scale      .170**
W-BQ28: W-BQ16 scale      .214**
W-BQ28: Generic W-BQ12 scale      .213**
W-BQ28: Diabetes-Specific W-BQ12 scale      .211**
  1. *p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01 (Spearman Rank correlations).