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Table 3 Results of ‘known group’ comparisons

From: A review of the psychometric performance of the EQ-5D in people with urinary incontinence

Author(s), Year Groups defined as Instrument Direction of change consistent across groups and consistent with clinical expectation? Difference between groups statistically significant?
Haywood et al, 2008 [7] Number of episodes at baseline:    
EQ-5D Yes‡ No at p=0.01
Not at all SSI Yes Yes, p<0.01
A few days I-QoL index Yes Yes, p<0.01
Half the week I-QoL domains Mixed† Yes, p<0.01
Most days    
Every day    
Tincello et al, 2010 [19] Episode frequency:    
<=7 per week EQ-5D Yes Yes, p<0.0001
7 to 13 per week
>=14 per week
Monz et al, 2005 [13] Severity (reported for each subtype)    
Slight EQ-5D Yes Not reported
Moderate EQ-VAS Yes Not reported
Severe Mean I-QoL Yes Not reported
Very severe I-QoL domains Yes Not reported
Hawthorne, 2009 [2] Continence status:    
a) None EQ-5D Yes Yes, p<0.0001
b) Slight/mild SF-6D Yes Yes, p<0.0001
c) Moderate AQoL Yes Yes, p<0.0001
d) Severe AQoL-8 Yes Yes, p<0.0001
Currie et al, 2006 [10] Type of incontinence:    
General EQ-5D Stress<general<none* Not reported
Stress SF-36 As for EQ-5D As for EQ-5D
Monz et al, 2005 [13] Subtype (reported for each severity category):    
EQ-5D Stress>urge>mixed* Not reported
EQ-VAS As for EQ-5D (except when severity slight) Not reported
Mean I-QoL As for EQ-5D Not reported
Urge I-QoL domains No consistent pattern across all domains Not reported
Tincello et al, 2010 [19] UI subtype:    
Mixed EQ-5D Stress>urge>mixed* Yes, p<0.0001
Pure stress
Pure urge
  1. †Yes for 2/3 domains, ‡Same mean for two least severe domains, *Unclear which type of incontinence is expected to have lower utility. VAS=visual analogue scale, I-QOL=Incontinence specific Quality of life Questionnaire, SSI= symptom severity index, SF-36=Medical outcomes study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey, SF-6D= Classification for describing health derived from a selection of SF-36 items, AQoL= Assessment of Quality of Life.