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Table 8 Final version of the RTQ V2

From: Analysis, evaluation and adaptation of the ReTransQoL: a specific quality of life questionnaire for renal transplant recipients

Items number Dimension affectations Items label Response modalities
1 FLG Are you anxious about your state of health?  
2 PH Have you had physical pain?
3 SF Do you feel isolated? All most time
4 PH Have you felt tired? Most of time
5 FLG Do you think about a possible return to dialysis? A good bit of the time
6 PH Do you feel energetic? Some of the time
7 FLG Does waiting for the results of medical tests distress you or make you feel scared? A little of the time
8 PH Do you engage in physical exercise? None of time
9 FLG Do you still sometimes think about dialysis?  
10 MC Do you feel like you are sufficiently informed about the side effects of your treatments?  
11 TR Are you annoyed by the side effects of treatment?
12 MC Are you satisfied by your medical follow-up?
13 FLG Do you often think about your graft?
14 TR Are you satisfied with your graft?
15 SF Does your family offer you moral support?
16 MC Do you have trust in the prescribed treatments?
17 TR Are you scared of the possible side effects of the anti-rejection treatment?
18 SF Do you feel close to your friends? Not at all
19 TR Is taking medications a constraint for you? A little bit
20 MC Do you feel supported by the medical team? Moderately
21 TR Are your doctor’s orders restrictive? Quite a bit
22 MC Do you trust your nephrologist? Extremely
23 SF Do you feel misunderstood by the people around you?  
24 MC Do you feel sufficiently informed by your nephrologist?
25 SF Has your family accepted your illness?
26 MC Do you feel like you are sufficiently informed about complications of the graft?
27 FLG Have you been able to forget that you received a graft?
28 MC Are you satisfied by your nephrologist’s ability to listen?  
29 PH You are as well as anyone else    Definitely agree
30 PH You have stopped doing certain things.    Mostly agree
31 PH You feel autonomous.    Not agree not disagree
32 PH You can do your housework and errands by yourself.    Mostly disagree
       Definitely disagree