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Table 3 Construct validity: comparison of EQ-5D and SF-6D in terms of patient subgroup differentiation and WOMAC severity level (at baseline) differentiation

From: Validity and responsiveness of EuroQol-5 dimension (EQ-5D) versus Short Form-6 dimension (SF-6D) questionnaire in chronic pain

  EQ-5D SF-6D Difference
(EQ-5D vs. SF-6D)
Patient subgroups
Patients who completed the trial and had no adverse events 0.695 0.694 0.001
Patients with at least one AE 0.583 0.640 −0.057
Patients with an AE that lead to withdrawal 0.503 0.594 −0.091
Patients who discontinued therapy due to lack of efficacy 0.405 0.582 −0.176
WOMAC severity level at baseline
None to mild 0.740 0.717 0.023
Mild to moderate 0.550 0.616 −0.066
Moderate to severe 0.311 0.536 −0.225
Severe to extreme 0.180 0.461 −0.281