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Table 3 PRO measures identified by concept of interest

From: Review of patient-reported outcome measures in chronic hepatitis C

Depression and anxiety Fatigue Flu-like symptoms Cognitive function Insomnia CHC-specific measures
BDI and revised BDI-II FIS Flu-iiQ MOS-Cog ESS CLDQ1
HADS MAF    PROMIS Sleep Disturbance Subscale HQLQ1
CES-D PROMIS Fatigue Subscale     
PROMIS Depression Subscale      
  1. Depression and anxiety: BDI - Beck Depression Inventory; BAI - Beck Anxiety Inventory questionnaire; HADS - Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; CES-D - Center for Epidemiologic Studies - Depression Scale; ZSRDS - Zung Self-Rated Depression Scale; PROMIS - Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System. Fatigue: FIS - Fatigue Impact Scale; FSS - Fatigue Severity Scale; MAF - Multidimensional Assessment of Fatigue; PROMIS - Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System. Flu-like symptoms: Flu-iiQ - Symptom Intensity and Impact of Influenza Questionnaire; FIQ - Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire. Note the Flu-iiQ was previously two measures, the Influenza Symptom Severity scale (ISS) and the Influenza Impact Wellbeing Scale (IIWS). The Flu-iiQ is a newer version of the measures that encompasses both the ISS and IIWS. Cognitive Function: MOS-Cog - Medical Outcomes Study Cognitive Scale; MOS-SS - Medical Outcomes Study Sleep Scale. Insomnia: ESS - Epworth Sleepiness Scale; PSQI - Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; PROMIS - Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System Sleep Disturbance subscale. CHC specific measures: CLDQ - Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire; CLDQ-HCV - Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire-Hepatitis C Virus; HQLQ - Hepatitis Quality of Life Scale/Hepatitis Quality of Life Questionnaire.
  2. 1 Four of the measures reviewed were validated in CHC populations, the FSS, CLDQ, CLDQ-HCV, and HQLQ.