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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the searches

From: Review of patient-reported outcome measures in chronic hepatitis C

  CHC PRO concept search CHC trials with PRO endpoints search PRO measure search
Search Specific Inclusion Criteria CHC and over 16 years of age CHC and over 16 years of age CHC and over 16 years of age
Search Specific Inclusion Criteria 1999-2009 1994-2009 1999-2009
Search Specific Inclusion Criteria Review article, qualitative research or article discussing concepts relevant to CHC disease or treatment. · RCTs or non-randomized trials. · Reported on the development/ validation of a PRO instrument or one of the concepts of interest selected during the CHC PRO Concept Search.
   · Patients in at least one arm must have received pegylated interferon.  
   · Follow-up duration of at least 48 weeks. · PRO instrument designed for use in CHC population or used in CHC population; if no PROs available for a particular concept of interest additional methods were utilized.
   · PRO data must have been reported in a manner that allowed for determination of differentiation between treatments over time.  
  1. CHC = Chronic Hepatitis C; RCT = Randomized controlled trials.