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Table 5 ICF categories relevant in patients with vertigo (ICF component activities and participation)

From: Identification of aspects of functioning, disability and health relevant to patients experiencing vertigo: a qualitative study using the international classification of functioning, disability and health

ICF code ICF label frequency
Purposeful sensory experiences
d110 Watching 2
d115 Listening 1
Applying knowledge
d166 Reading 2
d170 Writing 1
General tasks and demands
d220 Undertaking multiple tasks 1
d230 Carrying out daily routine 8
d2301 Managing daily routine 1
d2303 Managing one's own activity level 2
d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands 3
Changing and maintaining body position
d4100 Lying down 3
d4102 Kneeling 1
d4103 Sitting 1
d4104 Standing 2
d4105 Bending 3
d415 Maintaining a body position 3
d4154 Maintaining a standing position 4
Carrying, moving and handling objects
d430 Lifting and carrying objects 1
d440 Fine hand use 1
d4401 Grasping 1
d445 Hand and arm use 1
Walking and moving
d450 Walking 8
d4500 Walking short distances 1
d4501 Walking long distances 2
d4502 Walking on different surfaces 3
d4551 Climbing 4
d4552 Running 1
d4554 Swimming 1
d460 Moving around in different locations 5
d4601 Moving around within buildings other than home 1
d4602 Moving around outside the home and other buildings 4
Moving around using transportation
d4702 Using public motorized transportation 3
d4750 Driving human-powered transportation 6
d4751 Driving motorized vehicles 8
d498 Mobility, other specified 1
d530 Toileting 3
d5701 Managing diet and fitness 1
d6200 Shopping 5
Household tasks
d630 Preparing meals 2
d640 Doing housework 4
d6400 Washing and drying clothes and garments 1
d6402 Cleaning living area 2
Caring for household objects and assisting others
d6505 Taking care of plants, indoors and outdoors 1
d6506 Taking care of animals 1
d660 Assisting others 1
Particular interpersonal relationships
d730 Relating with strangers 1
d7401 Relating with subordinates 1
d750 Informal social relationships 1
d7600 Parent–child relationships 1
d7602 Sibling relationships 1
d770 Intimate relationships 2
Work and employment
d8451 Maintaining a job 2
d850 Remunerative employment 6
d8502 Full-time employment 1
d855 Non-remunerative employment 1
Economic life
d870 Economic self-sufficiency 1
Community, social and civic life
d910 Community life 2
d9102 Ceremonies 1
d920 Recreation and leisure 2
d9201 Sports 4
d9202 Arts and culture 2
d9205 Socializing 4
d9208 Recreation and leisure, other specified 1