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Table 4 ICF categories relevant in patients with vertigo (ICF component body functions)

From: Identification of aspects of functioning, disability and health relevant to patients experiencing vertigo: a qualitative study using the international classification of functioning, disability and health

ICF code ICF label frequency
Global mental functions  
b110 Consciousness functions 4
b114 Orientation functions 1
b126 Temperament and personality functions 3
b1263 Psychic stability 1
b1266 Confidence 2
b1301 Motivation 1
b1302 Appetite 1
b134 Sleep functions 1
b1342 Maintenance of sleep 1
Specific mental function s  
b152 Emotional functions 9
b1520 Appropriateness of emotion 2
b156 Perceptual functions 2
b1560 Auditory perception 1
b1561 Visual perception 3
b160 Thought functions 1
Seeing and related functions
b210 Seeing functions 1
Hearing and vestibular functions
b2301 Sound discrimination 1
b2351 Vestibular function of balance 4
b240 Sensations associated with hearing and vestibular function 1
b2400 Ringing in ears or tinnitus 1
b2401 Dizziness 12
b2402 Sensation of falling 3
b2403 Nausea associated with dizziness or vertigo 5
b2405 Aural pressure 1
b28010 Pain in head and neck 3
Functions of the cardiovascular system
b4200 Increased blood pressure 3
b4201 Decreased blood pressure 1
Additional functions and sensations of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
b455 Exercise tolerance functions 1
b4550 General physical endurance 1
b4552 Fatiguability 1
b460 Sensations associated with cardiovascular and respiratory functions 2
Functions related to the digestive system
b5106 Regurgitation and vomiting 5
b530 Weight maintenance functions 3
b535 Sensations associated with the digestive system 1
b5350 Sensation of nausea 1
Movement functions
b760 Control of voluntary movement functions 3
b7602 Coordination of voluntary movements 1
b770 Gait pattern functions 8
b780 Sensations related to muscles and movement functions 4
Functions of the skin
b830 Other functions of the skin 2