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Table 1 Some examples of the features of post-stroke fatigue, as described by patients, grouped according to the thematic framework derived from MS

From: Validation of the Neurological Fatigue Index for stroke (NFI-Stroke)

MS Framework Stroke quotations
Subjective experience Basically just tiredness to the point where you’re worn out. Tired. Done in.
Tiredness all the time… Its just tiredness, constant tiredness
Shattered. No energy. Whacked out. Weary.
motor It just takes it out your body. You just want to lie down and you’re drained.
If I do anything, you know, anything physical. Or go to the shops. Really shatters me.
cognitive I’m still not reading…I can’t concentrate on it.
It feels, sort, of, my eyes start going cos I’ve got to concentrate on the story.
motivation, energy and need to rest If I know I’ve got something to do, I’m quite happy to get on and do it. But if I know its not that day then I’m tired and I can’t be bothered doing it…
But my fatigue is, when I get home here in my bedroom, I sort of give in then
ll take my son to school, get back in the car and go home and I’ll go straight back to bed for a few hours. But if I’m busy of a morning, I’ll go to bed at lunchtime
Sleep and behavioural response I’m really tired and just want to go to bed and sleep and not bother with anything
  Yes, well then the tiredness takes over. Basically I want to stay sitting down then and I’m weary
  Sometimes you feel like when you do get up you’re tired more’