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Table 7 Differences On/Off Treatment

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Differences On/Off Treatment
  Approximately 56 participants reported medication use (52%); 51 (91%) reported positive effects of medications
Canada Now with medication I’m organized, I can do my job. Like, I feel so organized, files and stuff, and I take notes, and I underline things and, you know, highlight with different colors, and I feel so organized.
France Before I took the treatment I used to do several things at the same time. Now, with treatment, I cannot do many things at once. It makes me concentrate on one thing at a time. Also I used to have very strong emotions before but the treatment has stopped that.
Germany Since I’m in treatment I’m so much more relaxed these days, I can listen now, I don’t have the necessity to keep talking all the time. […] I don’t need to interrupt people anymore. I’m just way more relaxed about the relationship. […] I have to say with the medications I have become a more sociable person. I don’t take myself as seriously anymore.
Italy When you don’t take it, concentration lacks, concentration is the thing that changes most. Being concentrated means not making mistakes.
The Netherlands It is a difference like day and night [taking medication]. Actually my ADHD hardly bothers me anymore, except for that I have to be constantly triggered at work and my hobbies always have to be dangerous and go rough.
United Kingdom It was like the first time I took medication was the first time I’d ever watched a film the whole way through without moving, and I read my first book ever but I didn’t like my friends that I’d been friends with for years, and I’d be upset about my lifestyle from before, now I started realizing the dangers I’d put myself in, the fear.
United States I used to be, “The more the merrier.” I had 20 friends. When I wasn’t on medication, I could manage the 20 friends. On medication, I avoid it. It’s weird.