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Table 6 Disorganized Symptoms

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Approximately 48 participants reporting (44%)
Canada It’s a real struggle for me to keep a certain order. […] So all of a sudden I’m really functional and everything, but then all of a sudden I’ll become dysfunctional and I don’t know why, and it’s like chaos, and I feel stuck in that.
France I’m always feeling behind on things I was supposed to have done. It’s something I can’t get over. Disorganization is something I can’t conquer.
Germany On the downside I see ever more chaos spreading around myself. […] I mean if you look in my room I’ve always got an island in my room that is like a stack that will never vanish.
Italy I always jot down on papers and I accumulate them in so many piles of papers. After a ring, sometimes I just write the name or the phone number down and I end up forgetting who they are. Sometimes I lose my house or car keys. They’re everywhere because when I come back home, I put my keys in one place, the wallet in another.
The Netherlands I had that feeling the other day at home. There were so many thing laying on the floor from doing jobs, that I didn’t know where to start with cleaning up. It took 3 days and then you just start somewhere.
United Kingdom Yes, me too. My car’s disgusting. […] I’ve got everything, clothing, food, drink, everything in there. It’s like my little house. I don’t know why it gets like that, I just leave things in there and then forget to take them out, or can’t be bothered.
United States I’m so disorganized. […] People know when they come to my house, my sister, people have come to my house and I’ll say, “Don’t touch that pile. Don’t touch that pile. I know exactly what’s in them so don’t touch them.”