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Table 5 Impulsive Symptoms

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Approximately 67 participants reporting (62%)
Canada Sometimes I start talking too much, and I feel ridiculous. […] But sometimes I start talking weird and I’m saying, “Gee, what am I talking about?” Like I’m talking about Godzilla all of a sudden. You know, it’s like super-weird.
France When I think a teacher is wrong, I don’t have the wisdom, as my best friend says, to shut my trap.
Germany Yes, exactly that’s the same with me. Yes, I’ve got this impulse and it needs to get out and you make yourself very vulnerable to many people.
Italy The biggest problem I had and that heavily penalized me in my social life was my impulsiveness: I always fidgeted, I didn’t have self-control because I was not aware. […] So, my main symptom was impulsiveness.
The Netherlands When I have something in my mind that I want, not necessarily impulse purchases, but when I want to do something that seems like fun. Then I really want it and it has to happen right away.
United Kingdom I’m a classic put my foot in your mouth personality. […] It just is a bit of a nightmare, things like that. It’s always a constant battle to think about what I say and how he’s going to hear what I say. […] I think I’m a bit too honest.
United States But say I’ll lock the back of somebody’s car while they’re at a stoplight or something, or I’ll pull practical jokes for no reason. And it’s not even that it amuses me—it’s just that the thought goes through my head and my body carries it out.