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Table 4 Inattentive Symptoms

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Approximately 69 participants reporting (64%)
Canada I just run around in circles for nothing at home, you know, like walk around, get lost, I forget what I was doing, come back, start something else […] it’s not that I’m Alzheimer’s, I just forget.
France My problem is that when somebody has been talking for five or ten minutes, I kind of fade out, I just answer automatically, yes, yes.
Germany I said something to people when I wasn’t aware I was saying it to them but I thought I was only thinking about it. […] It happens to me quite often lately. If I delegate something to others I think I have said it to them but I actually haven’t done it.
Italy Moreover, every single noise bothers me: even if the doors are closed, I can hear the noise made by the washing-machine coming from the 3 rd floor, voices of the people who are talking. They really bother me.
The Netherlands I have finished my education in 4 years, while the Intermediate Vocational Education says it takes 2 years. That’s because of my inability to concentrate.
United Kingdom Say if I get a book and I really enjoy reading it, half way through I’m done. There’s no energy in me to even bother reading the rest of it because I just can’t concentrate. I just do something else and don’t really focus on one thing.
United States I’m really conscious of the fact that I’m squiggly or whatever else I’m doing that is moving me around that or the fact that I don’t know what to say or I can’t pay attention. Did I say something really stupid?