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Table 16 Problems with Finances and Spending

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Problems with Finances and Spending
  Approximately 53 participants reporting (49%)
Canada Not, I mean, a huge debt but yes. Once, you know, I didn’t have money for my credit cards and I had to ask my parents to pay off my credit cards because of this compulsive shopping, and it happened more than once. It’s not enormous, not like a house, but it was a lot of money.
France I have a constant problem of overspending. I no longer have the right to go into overdraft. After a long period of unemployment I was on a government-assisted income, so I don’t have a choice. I have to be careful.
Germany I don’t like doing my finances. That is difficult. […] I keep paying the fees and I often need to pay more, I get reminders because I don’t pay in time. I don’t pay my bills in time, so I pay additional money.
Italy I could ask now “Who has paid more fines for not having paid lighting and water bills, car insurance on time?” because that’s what often happens.
The Netherlands I am still chaotic and do not know what bills I am exactly paying. […] It is possible to do this together with someone else, but then I do not pay any attention and start thinking about smoking pot. It is just too hard and I know it. And it is a real mess.
United Kingdom I’m just terrible with finances. I have this real emotional loathing of them, you know? It’s not just that I hate doing it; I also feel very upset, and when I see a bill and it’s a lot of money, I just go ballistic every time.
United States I’ve given so much money to libraries because my books are late or I lose them. […] Not paying bills—I’m in some serious debt and it’s very hard to want to face that.