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Table 13 Risky Driving

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Risky Driving
  Approximately 42 participants reporting (39%)
Canada I’m a pretty aggressive driver. I get really impatient when cars are driving really slowly. I just feel like tailgating them. I’m really bad about that. But I try to calm down sometimes. I don’t know. I get really upset when people don’t use their signals. I just get really—it makes me so mad sometimes when I’m driving!
France Also I find it hard to drive. I sometimes go through red lights and when I am asked why I did it, it is impossible to defend myself, I just did it.
Germany Apart from that in my daily life—driving a car is also something, yes it is true if I’m inattentive I drive very fast and I even drive faster than my husband. […] But if I do drive I’d rather go quickly and fast and I want to get quickly from A to B. I mean bearing the traffic jam for example that’s something that really puts me on the edge.
Italy My typical problem is speeding. […] I drive fast in order to arrive as soon as possible, because I’m always late. […] It’s a general characteristic.
The Netherlands People who drive too slowly drive me crazy. […] I would prefer to drag them out of the car. When an old lady drives very slowly in front of me, I would like to take away her license. […] Or people who enjoy to drive alone in a traffic jam and create a gap of 40 meter. […] Then I like to honk and I am really angry.
United Kingdom … but day to day stuff like driving, yes, maybe I do have a bit of road rage on a daily basis when I think about it. I do get annoyed but then I honestly don’t think that’s me, that’s other drivers and it frustrates me and stuff. Sometimes maybe I should because it could probably get me killed one day, but I don’t think about it at the time.
United States I was in a near-fatal crash because I was changing the CD player. No one else was involved. This was when I was nineteen. […] And there was another time when I was driving and I wasn’t looking. […] Sometimes you’re like, oh, you’re just careless.