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Table 11 Negative Impact of ADHD on Life Course

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Negative Impact of ADHD on Life Course
  Approximately 69 participants reporting (64%)
Canada I remember the dilemma for a long time was that I had no self-esteem, comparing myself with other “normal” people, and maybe I would have succeeded professionally much better if I had been able to concentrate longer. But I had such a short attention span I would change careers for nothing.
France I missed out on my studies. I didn’t get anything out of school, so I didn’t realize my potential. […] If I’d really been able to work at my full potential, I could have ended up with a good diploma.
Germany I think if it had not been diagnosed early in my life I would have taken a different course. I couldn’t even write early in school. I worked as a car mechanic, I worked in a woodwork shop and I did everything that is physically demanding.
Italy So if you had known your condition before, you would have chosen a job that fits you and you wouldn’t have chosen for convenience, for having more job opportunities or for settling down. It is already hard to concentrate, and if we do a work we don’t love or that does not correspond to our talents, failure is around the corner.
The Netherlands My parents would have understood why I’m sometimes acting strange, why I’m sometimes this active and feeling like doing nothing the next time, and why I’m cranky to them. Maybe I would have been able to have a more normal contact with them, even with my mood swings, and I would have been able to finish my education more easily.
United Kingdom I went to four different colleges. I dropped out three different times. I don’t know how I made it through. It was just sheer will that I did it, but just the emotional turmoil I went through was just horrendous. […] I think if I had known earlier, people would’ve been nurturing about it and my parents would’ve advocated for me at school. I think I would’ve had better outcomes.
United States I'm sure I would have made better grades because I lose my concentration and if I would have had medicine, I’m sure I would have done a lot better in school and I probably would have gone to college.