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Table 1 AQoL Instruments

From: Construction of the descriptive system for the assessment of quality of life AQoL-6D utility instrument

Instrument Description
AQoL-4D Originally called 'AQoL': Initially a 5 dimension, 15 item instrument. Dimensions were illness, independent living, social relationships, physical senses, psychological wellbeing. Illness was subsequently deleted from the formula. Utilities are combined with a multi-level model using multiplicative models for dimensions and an overall multiplicative model to combine them [8].
AQoL-8 An 8 item (Brief) instrument which removes one item per dimension from AQoL-4D and imputes their values from remaining items [9].
AQoL-6D (Originally called AQoL II) A 6 dimensional, 20 item instrument described in this article. Utility weights are constructed as for AQoL-4D but with an econometric adjustment for the final algorithm [1].
AQoL-7D A 7 dimension 26 item instrument which adds an explicit dimension for vision (VisQoL). Scaling is carried out as for AQoL-6D [10, 11].
AQoL-8D An 8 dimensional 35 item instrument which adds 15 items and 2 dimensions related to mental and social health [12, 13].