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Figure 2 | Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Figure 2

From: Impact of natalizumab on patient-reported outcomes in multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study

Figure 2

Changes in general and disease-specific HRQoL over 12 natalizumab infusions. (A) Mean SF-12v2 scores (± SE). (B) MSIS-29 scores (± SE) at baseline prior to natalizumab initiation and after the 3rd and 12th infusion. Because of missing data for covariates in their respective models, n values for SF-12v2 were 317 for PCS and 320 for MCS, and 328 for MSIS-29. p values were from analyses of variance performed on the adjusted means estimated by the mixed-effect model controlling for infusion, age, baseline DS, baseline FS, and also for years since diagnosis for the PCS/physical analyses. (C) Proportion of patients with improved, stable, or worsened HRQoL. The scores had to change by at least 5 points for SF-12v2, or by 19 points (one score interpretation category for MSIS-29) for the patient’s HRQoL to be considered improved or worsened. *p < .0001; p < .01. HRQoL health-related quality of life; MCS Mental Component Summary; MSIS-29 Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale 29; PCS Physical Component Summary; SE standard error; SF-12v2 Short-Form 12 Version 2.

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