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Table 3 Final Five Factor Solution of the TSS-IOP Items

From: A new measure of patient satisfaction with ocular hypotensive medications: The Treatment Satisfaction Survey for Intraocular Pressure (TSS-IOP)

TSS-IOP Items Factors*
EI_1: Bothered by prolonged burning or stinging .784    .204  
EI_2: Bothered by grittiness or sandiness in eyes .778     
EI_3: Bothered by dry eyes .765     
EI_4: Bothered by unpleasant feelings in/around eyes .744    .268  
CoU_1: Satisfaction w/ time of day to take medication   .898 .217   
CoU_2: Satisfaction w/ times per day require to take med   .855 .206   
CoU_3: Ease of remembering to take medication   .764 .270   
EoU_1: Ability to accurately deliver drop in eye    .881   
EoU_2: Ability to deliver the right amount of medication   .233 .858   
EoU_3: Ease of positioning of head   .318 .756   
HYP_1: Bothered by others reactions to your red eyes     .878  
HYP_2: Self-conscious of eye redness .350    .825  
HYP_3: Concern over cosmetic appearance of eyes     .775  
EFF_1: Prevention of future vision problems      .761
EFF_2: Reduction of current visual problems      .752
  1. * Note: Factor loadings of less than .2 have been omitted. Factor I Eye Irritation 17.2% Factor II Convenience of Use 16.1% Factor III Ease of Use 15.3%Factor IV Hyperemia 15.2% Factor V Effectiveness 8.1%