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Table 3 Recommended HUI Questionnaire Formats by Age of Subject. (See FAQ 13)

From: The Health Utilities Index (HUI®): concepts, measurement properties and applications

Age of Subject Self-Administration (15Q) Interviewer Administration (40Q)
  Self-Assessment Proxy Assessment Self-Assessment Proxy Assessment
< 5 years NR NR NR NR
5–8 years NR Yes1 NR Yes1
9–12 years NR Yes2 Yes1 Yes2
> 12 years Yes1 Yes2 Yes1 Yes2
  1. Legend: 1 = Gold standard for specified age range 2 = Best alternative for specified age range NR = Not recommended Note: Age limits are approximate. Investigators should consider the characteristics of their study population and consult with HUI staff to determine the most appropriate questionnaire(s) for use in a specific study.