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Table 2 Studies comparing the impact of different antiemetics on HRQL

From: Impact of Nausea and Vomiting on Quality of Life in Cancer Patients During Chemotherapy

Author (study) [ref.] Pts (no.) Cancer (type) Chemotherapy (emetogenicity) Antiemetics HRQL assessment (times) Selection of pts
Soukop (DB) [17] 184 Breast Moderately DEX + OND vs DEX + MTC RSCL (before and after 6 days) 187 pts eligible, 184 evaluated HRQL, 2 questions excluded (> 5% of pts no response)
Clavel (DB) [19] 252 Breast Moderately (FAC, FEC) OND vs ALI FLIC, FLIE (before and after 4 days) 259 pts eligible, 252 evaluated HRQL with FLIC and 246 with FLIE
Crucitt (DB) [20] 113 Breast LNH Moderately OND vs PCP FLIC, FLIE (before and after 4 days) 133 pts eligible, 113 evaluable for efficacy, 57 evaluated HRQL
Lofters (DB) [21] 696 various Moderately OND ± DEX vs DOL ± DEX EORTC QLQ-C30 (before and after 4 and 8 days) 703 pts eligible, 696 evaluated HRQL
Pater (DB) [22] 402 various Moderately DEX + OND or DOL vs DEX (delayed emesis) EORTC QLQ-C30 (before and after 4 and 8 days) 407 pts eligible, 402 evaluated HRQL
Garbe (DB) [23] 90 Melan Highly (dacarbazine) TROP 5 mg vs TROP 10 mg Mood, food intake, QL scales (before and after CT) n.s.
Barrenetxea (DB) [24] 182 Breast Moderately (FAC, FEC) OND for 3 days vs OND+MTC vs OND 1 dose FLIC (before and for 5 days) n.s.
Lebeau (DB) [25] 338 various Highly (cisplatin) OND+MP vs OND+MP+ MTP FLIC, FLIE (before and after 4 days) n.s.
Kobayashi (DB) [26] 141 various Highly (cisplatin) TROP vs PL (delayed emesis) QOL-EVJ (before and daily for 30 days after) 146 pts enrolled, 141 eligible, 98 evaluated HRQL
Sorbe (R, O) [28] 259 various Highly (cisplatin) TROP vs MTC + DEX + LOR 23 items (before and after 7 days) n.s.
Drechsler (R, O) [29] 191 various Highly and Moderately TROP vs TROP+DEX vs TROP+MTC new scale (before and after CT) n.s.
Torok (R, O) [30] 130 Ovary Highly (cisplatin) OND vs GRAN vs MTC RSCL (before and daily for 5 days) n.s.
Lachaine (O) [31] 52 Breast Moderately OND or MTC physician choice EORTC QLQ-C30 (before and after 2 and 4 days) 58 pts eligible, 52 evaluated HRQL
  1. ALI: alizapride, CT: chemotherapy, DB = Double-blind, DEX: dexamethasone, GRAN: granisetron, HRQL: Health-related quality of life, Melan: melanoma, MTC: metoclopramide, MTP: metopimazine O: open, OND: ondansetron, PCP: prochlorperazine, PL: placebo, R: randomized, TROP: tropisetron, 5-HT3: 5-HT3 antagonist, n.s.: not specified